The Stranger in the Lifeboat

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10 reviews for The Stranger in the Lifeboat

  1. Deanna

    This is a story that holds your interest through to the last page. A story that as you read about these folks struggling to survive; ultimately becoming aware that you are beginning to see your own failures more clearly, along with realizing what your very own hope is in…..Where money and fame will not save your life. Lies are still lies; no matter how much you try to change your narrative to adopt them. Where rebellion, envy, anger, arrogance, and worry loose their perceived value… Where love, no matter how long, is understood as a gift to have, rather than a person lost. The gift at the end; I leave a surprise. Thank you for this journey Mitch.

  2. Kelly

    This book was so easy to read. I didn’t want to put it down! It’s a great story of faith. Unexpected twists keeps you turning the pages! Highly recommend!

  3. erinpad

    As Benji looked out across the sea, all he saw was blue with no end in sight. He knew the odds were against them, he and the others had been drifting aimlessly for three days. The likelihood of any rescue happening was slim and yet, he prayed. He prayed even when he knew he hadn’t spoken to God in many years,and hoped his plea would be heard.His one solace is a daily journal, in which he writes to his wife and records their efforts of survival. As he and the others slowly slip into despair, a body appears floating nearby, not a fellow passenger from the damaged ship, but a man claiming to be the answer to all their prayers.What would you do if God appeared before your very eyes, spoke to you and told you your prayers have been answered? It’s normal to be skeptical, I know I would have my doubts but I would also be amazed and hopeful. This book was simply wonderful and I loved every minute of it. Mitch Albom can always be depended on to not only write a book that is written well and entertaining, but compel the reader to look within themselves and feel something new.

  4. K. Dorman

    Bestselling author Mitch Albom has done it again. Written a story that has left me thoroughly undone.No wonder I have all of his books.Just when I thought I had things figured out … plot twist. One that was not expected.And another and another and another.Mind. Blown.Two quotes stand out: ‘Then why don’t people come back to Earth after they die?’ The stranger smiled. ‘Why would they want to?’And, ‘ ‘Yes. With science, you have explained away the sun. You have explained away the stars I put in the firmament. You have explained away all the creatures, large and small, with which I populated the Earth. You have even explained my greatest creation.’ ‘What’s that?’ I asked. ‘You.’No. No spoilers here. You just have to read the book for yourself.All I know: I couldn’t stop reading until I finished.Five stars, very highly recommended. Will definately re-read.Hint: don’t start at bedtime. I promise you won’t get any sleep!

  5. J. Schwab

    I’ve been reading Mitch Albom books since “Tuesdays With Morrie” came out and have purchased all but two and this latest will join the others on my shelf. This book captures your attention from page one and does not let you go even after reading the final page. If I could have given it more stars, I would have. Well done..

  6. Brian K Gilley

    This is a very good read! Makes you really think about your own life. It is a book that you won’t put down until you finish or if you must put it away you will constantly think about the book until you can return to finish it. After you finish the book it will make you think about your own life. I will not give up details of the book but the book has brought awareness to my own life in ways that I never really thought about before. You will enjoy this book👍

  7. Big D Reads

    This book, like most of Mr. Albom’s previous novels, is both inspirational and easy-to-read. Which is good because it makes his message simple to understand. I won’t put it here because no spoilers, but I liked it.If you’re a Mitch Albom fan, you should read What Death Taught Terrence. I bet, if you’re here right now, that you would love that book!

  8. M.T. Fisher

    What else is there to say? Mitch Albom writes the way we all wish we could, and comes up with plots each and every one of us wishes we could. He delves into our consciences, and definitely makes one uncomfortable, yet at the same time, give you an enjoyable read. Albom makes one think about the important things in life, yet at the same time, put it on a level where we all understand. He’s consistently on target, and this book is no exception. As with all his books, this is a quick read, and one that like the others, I’ll be returning to over and over.

  9. todd gothberg

    Such a brilliant read! I loved it – couldn’t put it down. Profound, intriguing, enthralling, and simply wonderful. Mitch is a masterful story teller and he’s crafted yet another masterpiece!

  10. innovate risk

    Another brilliant book from Mitch Albom that you cannot put down and story wish would continue forever. A must read for all types and styles.

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