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Simon & Schuster (September 21, 2021)

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512 pages

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10 reviews for Peril Woodward

  1. Leaks All Over

    It’s a great read and confirms what most intelligent thinking people have long assumed: Trump is a mentally disturbed train wreck. Of course this and dozens of other White House insider books all portray Trump as an egotistical and incompetent child only looking out for himself. This portrayal is consistent with his history of failures and financial disasters dating all the way back to the early 1980s. Conservatives love to pretend that harsh realities that make them uncomfortable (covid-19, Russian collusion, masks, vaccines, the GOPs bigotry) are “fake news” and so they will claim that this book and the dozens like it are some kind of radical left conspiracy funded by Hillary’s pizza shop and Obama’s Kenyan relatives. Sad.

  2. Michael J. Jaquish

    This excellent book, “PERIL” is a valuable historical record of the attack on our democracy by Donald Trump and every American needs to read it. The prologue itself is incredibly disturbing. The people of this nation are struggling with a kind of collective trauma resulting from Trump’s shocking 2016 election and the following 5 years of continual emotional assault from his lies, misogyny and criminal behavior for which he has yet to be held accountable that does need to be addressed. This trauma will persist until Biden’s DOJ begins doing its damn job by prosecuting Trump and his enablers in congress for their many crimes against ‘we the people’ and democracy itself. In the meantime, the Dems in charge of the Jan-6th congressional investigation are attempting to do the job of the DOJ. Thank you Bob Woodward and Robert Costa for providing an evidentiary record of Trump’s treason.

  3. Sean T. O’Brien

    This book should be read by all freedom-loving Americans. It will scare the hell out of you to see just how close our government was to being overthrown by a neo-Fascist cabal. Not the best book to read in bed. You won’t get any sleep afterward. All the horror stories you may have heard about the previous administration are true and exposed in this book, documented and cross-referenced. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  4. gammyjill

    If you’re looking for the gold standard in Trump books, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s “Peril” is it. I’m not saying that because it was written by Bob Woodward (I thought his two previous books about the Trump administration were “okay, not great”). It’s good because of what Woodward and Costa cover in their book. Everything from Covid, the election, the riots of January 6, and past few months.As per usual in a Bob Woodward book, the topic – Donald Trump’s final year in office – was thoroughly investigated. The authors seemed to know the right questions to ask their interviewees, and that can make all the difference in an expose. Is “Peril” an expose? Yep, and a very good one.As an addendum, I heard an interview with Robert Costa, who said, when asked about the book’s title, that he and Woodward thought Donald Trump was not through with politics and was therefore a “peril”. I agree fully with him and only wish the people who SHOULD read this book would read it…

  5. Elisa 20

    I like the Woodward trilogy titles: “FEAR” was a reminder of what Donald Trump thought was important in order to get power. “RAGE” came from Trump’s proud observation of the emotion he could create in others.And “PERIL” shows how the chaos, anger and fear came together in the final year of Trump’s presidency, placing the presidency and even democracy in danger. “Peril” begins with America in danger from Trump. It ends the same way. Trump hasn’t gone and neither is the threat he poses to democracy.Woodward is working with Washington Post’s Robert Costa, but the style of research and writing is the same. It’s a lot of interviews –over 200—and a lot of work putting them together in a way that will hold interest. Sometimes they succeed in this and create real scenes—other times, you see the problem of having so much detail that you just –have- to include it. Storytelling sometimes takes a back seat to recounting details that aren’t always that significant.That’s one problem. A bigger one is that Woodward has always been kind to people who are his sources. Typically, they are some of the most complicit people, but are allowed to spin themselves into heroes. Here, that’s General Milley, Bill Barr, Lindsey Graham, Kellyanne Conway, among others who need to be scrutinized in a harsher light.“PERIL” has many unnerving descriptions of Trump’s instability and apparent unwillingness to accept the reality of losing the election. Some of the above people made some efforts to save us from disaster. But most of the staffers and Republican officials around Trump do little to protect democracy. Barr’s there, and Pence, But where’s the rest of the Cabinet? The president described here is a danger to the country. Where were the Republicanns in the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment? Why were McCarthy and McConnell so complacent? There are no answers here.Pence’s decision-making process made this a worthwhile read for me. He did the right thing—in the end—including staying at the Capitol during the insurrection. But he clearly wanted to cooperate with Trump if at all possible under the Constitution. It was only after everyone he consulted – including Dan Quayle, who comes across well here – that Pence agrees to do the right thing—and do it without equivocation. (For a time, he dithered about possibly expressing sympathy with those who wanted to throw out Biden votes).About a third of the book is about Biden—his campaign, transition, and early presidency. But, as in real life, it’s Trump who takes the air out of the room. Even ten months after losing, he is still sending letters to Georgia’s secretary of state as he did last Friday, demanding that the electors be “decertified or whatever the legal remedy is.” It would be comical. If it wasn’t so delusional and dangerous. “Peril”, indeed.

  6. Robert F.

    Exceptional read. I finished the book in 4 hours. Exceptional reporting and a scary look at what Donald Trump tried to do and ultimately failed. We might not be so lucky next time.

  7. TheOldSailor

    A riveting read and one that will keep me up for many nights

  8. Catmom

    I have loved Bob Woodward’s work ever since Watergate and “All the President’s Men” and Peril does not disappoint. It reads so well and for me at least it gave me more hope that at least some people (meaning Republicans working around Trump) actually did realize what a total failure Trump was and is and did try to protect the US – especially General Milley. The moral can be even in the darkest of times they are people trying to bring forth the light.

  9. Jose Adorno

    This is a great book 📖 Bob and Robert did a wonderful job.

  10. G.Dan

    An interesting perspective of events that transpired during the 2020 “Summer of Love” and the 20th of January 2021.The most profound example of propaganda, revisionism, and the strangely complete failure of a hero.SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t age very well. The assertions and certainties made and declared in this work are not representative of the national or global landscape in Fall 2021

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